Concept Note

South Asian strategic stability has been constantly under stress but the nature and scale of these challenges have never been greater than today. This requires a comprehensive assessment and analysis. Rising Indian Hindu extremism, Indian strategic ambitions, attempts to diplomatically isolate, politically destabilize, economically coerce and militarily threaten Pakistan are multi-dimensional approaches designed to eventually lead to Indian emergence as the regional hegemon. India has harbored a three-decade old obsession to wage a limited conventional war on Pakistan. From Brass Tracks to Cold Start Doctrine, limited strikes to surgical strikes, the Indian strategic ambition has been manifested in many shapes and forms. However, New Delhi’s policy in recent years has been to blame Pakistan for challenges it faces domestically. The Indian conventional and strategic forces have undergone unprecedented expansion, modernization and forward mobilization that pose greater challenges to the South Asian strategic stability, than ever before. The recent Pulwama crisis brings to light the immediate need to reassess the basic assumption that inform the popular debates on strategic crisis stability and escalation control in South Asia, challenging the emerging strategic environment in South Asia. Several other challenges that add to the mix of strategic instability include domestic trends in Indian politics and the mix of popularization of extremist narratives. The seminar will undertake a comprehensive review along these lines. Without addressing these fundamental issues India’s incoherent nuclear expansion would compel its adversaries to take remedial measures, thus, making it difficult to achieve lasting deterrence stability in the region. The joint seminar is a part of CISS-Outreach Program whereby students and teachers in various institutions are being made aware of strategic issues and Pakistan’s interests.

Conference Speakers

Ambassador (Retd) Ali Sarwar Naqvi

Executive Director, CISS

Air Commodore (Retd) Khalid Banuri

Advisor to Strategic Plans Division (SPD)

Dr. Adil Sultan

Director, CASS

Dr. Mansoor Ahmed

Senior Research Fellow, CISS

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Recitation from the Holy Quran

Opening Remarks

Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmad, Vice Chancellor, Sargodha University

Introductory Remarks

Ambassador Ali Sarwar Naqvi

Working Session

Ambassador Ali Sarwar Naqvi

Evolving South Asian Strategic Environment and Challenges to Strategic Stability

Air Commodore (Retd) Khalid Banuri

India-Pakistan Conventional Force Equations: Challenges to Pakistan’s Security and Future Dynamics

Dr. Adil Sultan

Indian Strategic Posture and its Impact on South Asian Security

Dr. Mansoor Ahmed

Q & A / Discussion

Group Photo (CISS and SU Teams)


Event Partner

Event Location

University of Sargodha
Noon Business School